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2016-17 School Calendar
On January 21, 2016, the AESD Governing Board adopted the calendar for the 2016-17 school year; it can be found under the "Parents" dropdown menu above. Take a peek at what's to come in the upcoming school year!

Governing Board Calls for Override Election
The Alhambra Elementary School District Governing Board called for a special maintenance and operation budget override election to be held on November 8, 2016, to seek the continuation of an existing override that exceeds the budget limit by 15 percent for fiscal year 2017-2018 and for six subsequent years.

The 15 percent budget override allows the district to use this funding to:
  • Provide full-day kindergarten
  • Reduce class sizes at all grade levels by hiring additional teachers
  • Hire K-3 instructional assistants
  • Pay for the intermediate band program
  • Pay for art, music, and physical education programs in first through third grades
  • Pay for before and after-school tutoring programs
  • Hire maintenance staff
Arguments for or against the override election may be submitted by August 12, 2016, at 5 p.m.  Click on following link for additional information on submitting arguments.
MESA Team Moving onto Nationals!
Congratulations to AESD’s Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement (MESA) teams as they did an outstanding job at the largest ever state competition held at Arizona State University on Saturday, April 23. Thirty-eight different middle schools and over 1000 middle school students competed in this event. As a District, we received 56% of first place awards (5 of 9), an increase from last year’s feat of 44%. We were also represented twelve (8 last year) different times in events that were awarded third, second, or first places. Overall, our schools were recognized twenty-one (20 last year) different times for our students’ efforts with Montebello earning the First Place trophy for total points scored across all entered events.


Designer of the Day –  (3rd Place – Sevilla West) / (6th Place – Montebello)
QESST Solar Car – (2nd Place – Montebello) / (5th Place – Andalucia Middle School)
On-Site Challenge using Engineering Process – (1st Place – Montebello) / (3rd Place – Granada East)
Hydro Power – (1st Place – Granada East) / (3rd Place - Montebello) / (5th Place - Cordova Middle School / (6th Place – Catalina)
Change Maker – Problem Solving in the Community (1st Place - Montebello)
Egg Delivery – (4thPlace – Simpson)
Communication Revolution – (2nd Place – Alhambra Traditional School) / (4th Place – Montebello)
Duct Tape Survival Challenge – (1st Place – Simpson) / (3rd Place – Sevilla West) / (5th Place – Montebello)
Prosthetic Arm – (1st Place – Montebello) / (3rd Place – Sevilla West) / (5th Place – Cordova Middle School)
Overall – (1st Place – Montebello) / (4th Place - Sevilla West) / (9th Place - Cordova Middle) / (16th Place - Granada East) / (19th Place - Simpson) / (22nd Place - Alhambra Traditional) / (26th Place - Andalucia Middle) / (26th Place - Catalina)
Congratulations to Montebello students and MESA coaches Mr. Kelby Milgrim and Ms. Ramos for their third consecutive first place finish in the National/State competition for building an award-winning prosthetic arm. In order to place first in this competition, numerous steps had to be done with significant skill. First, students had to open and close their hand, using Arduino computer programming to operate two artificial fingers. They then had to use their arm in competition to throw beanbags into marked areas placed at varying distances, showing the arm’s strength and range of motion. They then had to lift a variety of objects and take those objects in and out of a crate, showing the arms operator’s level of precision. Next, students had to turn in a technical paper that was supported by their research, their diagrams, a budget with corresponding receipts, and their engineering notes. Students then had to make and display the process for creating their prosthetic arm and closed the presentation with a presentation made to the judges.
With the win, the Montebello team secured an opportunity to again represent all Arizona middle school MESA teams with a spot in the National Engineering Design Competition, held in Ogden, Utah in June. Another great job and fine representation of Alhambra’s STEM programs!

Dominican Republic Professional Development Trip
Over Spring Break, AESD staff members Kimberly Jones, Bethany Valdivia, Melody Hodges, Narrae Nelson, Diane Hernandez, Melody Schlosser, Sandy Casady, Jeaneen Deunsing, Kaitlyn Lang, Barb Preston, Mia Delarosa, Theresa Killingsworth, Pam Escobedo, and Melinda Schlosser provided professional development to educators in the Dominican Republic. Here are a couple of their photos!

MESA Regional Design Day
On Saturday, March 5, AESD students from around the district participated in the MESA Regional Design Day at Grand Canyon University, where over 600 total students participated! Please help us to celebrate our students’ wins, listed below by category:
Prosthetic Arm: 2nd Place – Montebello, 3rd Place - Simpson
Change Maker: 1st Place - Montebello
Communication Revolution: 1st Place – Montebello, 2nd Place - Alhambra Traditional, 3rd Place - Montebello
Designer of the Day: 1st Place - Sevilla West, 2nd Place - Cordova Middle
Duct Tape Survival Challenge: 1st Place - Granada East, 2nd Place - Montebello
Hydro Power: 1st Place – Montebello, 2nd Place – Montebello, 3rd Place – Cordova Middle
Egg Delivery: 1st Place – Montebello, 3rd Place - Sevilla West
Congratulations to all of our Alhambra MESA winners! For more photos from the event, please check out Alhambra’s Facebook page at

National Board Certification
Candace Greene, Art Teacher at Sevilla West School, has received her National Board Certification! AESD team members attended the Celebration of Accomplished Teaching dinner on Saturday, February 20 to recognize her achievement! Congratulations, Ms. Greene!

Everyone Matters District Video
The Alhambra School District believes that everyone plays an important part in educating our future leaders, and that everyone matters! Please take a moment to view our district video here.

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